esthibar PENCIL ME IN

the boring shpiel 

following policies apply: 

*due to health code regulations, all purchased products are final sale.
*no refunds on products or services. 
*packages and gift cards are final sale. their expiration dates are enforced to the full  extent of the law. 
*before & after photos of client will be captured and stored in the HIPPA compliant and secure client's file for recordkeeping. 
*cancellations, no-shows, or reschedules less than 24 hours notice will be charged a  cancellation fee of $50 unless deemed an emergency. policy allows for a 1 time non-emergency waiver (get out of jail free card), per calendar year. 
*if you are 5 or more minutes late to an appointment, your appointment will highly be canceled or rescheduled, rendering a cancellation fee charge to you. 
*i strive to see clients promptly, and in the event that I am more than 5 minutes late to your appointment, it will be made up to you, at my discretion as to what. no need to raise hell.
*it is imperative that you notify me of any changes in your health to prevent any complications. even little details you may not believe to be relevant.
*also, everyone's physiology is different. so just because your friend had amazing results in one visit, doesn't mean you will. 
*update esthibar llc with any personal contact information 
*if you have a condition i deem as a contraindication, please have a physician's note stating permission in order to proceed. 
*credit card is needed to hold the appointment, it will only be charged after appointment.
*state regulations and insurance requirements allow only 1 person in the treatment room unless it is a parent accompanying a minor. content babies in a carrier is allowed. children are not allowed to accompany a parent. if something comes up and they must be here with you, they can wait outside in the lobby, at your own risk! the studio is ill equipped to entertain children.
*a client intake and waiver form must be signed and filled. otherwise you will not be seen. your information is safe and protected.  
*an update form is required for every appt booked, prior to service. 

bascially, the golden rule applies here. if you don't comply, hit the road. just be a decent hooman.