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a form of mechanical exfoliation using a sterile, surgical blade to gently scrape off dead skin cells on the face. no pain, incision or peeling involved. no downtime and non-invasive. safe for most skin types and pregnant women. as a bonus of the exfoliation, peach fuzz is removed. this service can be performed every 3-6 weeks.

benefits include:
cellular turnover, reduces appearance of wrinkles, lines, pigmentation and scarring. allows for enhanced product penetration and make up application. removes debris to reveal brighter and healthy new skin underneath. 

see below for details & if it is an appropriate service for you.


dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation, using a blade to gently scrape off dead skin cells from the surface, revealing newer, fresher skin. as we age, cell turnover decreases, so the dead skin accumulates. removing this old cells allows your skin to feel smoother, brighter and softer. it is imperative that you take care of the skin afterwards because your skin has just been “shed”. we want to protect that brand new layer of skin from the elements. below are some instructions to help prevent any complications. but also, enjoy your fresh face!

the initial 24-48h post treatment:

do: avoid sun exposure as much as possible. if you will be in the sun, apply spf 30 and reapply every 2 hours. try to seek shade, wear a hat.
do: avoid exposure to heat, heavy workouts, steam rooms, or saunas.
do: use a gentle cleanser and avoid hot water. keep good hydration, intrinsically & extrinsically.
do: use generous amounts of products to keep skin moisturized, supple
don’t: use abrasive wash cloths, scrubs, over manipulation of skin, extra exfoliation, or abrasive electric scrubbers or take hot showers.
don’t: get waxed, lasered, or a chemical peel. you may wax prior, however the waxed areas will not be dermaplaned due to irritation. 


do: make sure cosmetic brushes are clean and use new makeup to prevent clogging or bacteria contact. also keep face cloths clean. wash them regularly along with pillow cases.
do: schedule every 4 weeks for best results and continue homecare, now that your skin absorbs products much more for increased efficacy.
don’t: use benzoyl peroxide, retin-a or salicylic acid for at least 5 days following treatment. (for darker skin tones, use a lightening serum to reduce risk of pigment production.)

*please be aware as with any treatment, there are risks. these instructions should help with minimizing any complications. however, everyone’s skin is different and will react differently. because we are sloughing off the skin cells, you may experience some minor breakouts, redness, tightness, due to water loss & especially with your first time. please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.