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it's KISS (keep it simply simple) here.
you come in, receive a service like you're on a date with your BFF, having a ball. then do it all over again next month. it's fun!
as a low maintenance (old soul) gal myself, i don't fancy the fancies, the fluff, the bells & whistles. only tried & true. just a good ole service like the good ole days.
let's return to simpler times shall we?

operation giving back:
every month, a deserving bff , who may not have the financial means to treat themselves, gets their name placed in the monthly raffle to enjoy a complimentary service (50$ value).

e-gift certificates available on booking site.

elevator pitch


as a pro-sustainability earthling, i strive to keep waste to a minimum because our mother earth is a gem. she is irreplaceable.

i have a partnership with terracycle for all recyclable products. one tree planted is an ongoing non-profit. second hand décor/furniture, and renewable supplies are used when possible.


life is complicated enough. all services are priced accordingly. what you see is what you pay. no need to perform complex math-tuity during checkout. the concept of tipping is antiquated.

i believe in "send a bestie over gratuity". the best "tip" you can give is a refererral. or, taking the time to write a google review. it is much obliged.


if you seek 'social media' brows, disappointment you will find here. i keep brows weird around these parts. mother nature provided us with brows she sees fit.

no cookie cutter brows. no slapping on a template. the best brows are the ones you already have. no need to think outside the box. my job is to reveal them. keep brows weird is my motto!


healthy skin is glowing skin. no invasive devices or intense procedures here, just back to the basics. no fluff, no muck, just bang for your buck.

a balanced lifestyle + nutrition + a dash of skincare = happy (not perfect) skin. should your skeleton suit desire more aggressive/medical treatments, i can refer you to a specialized skin witch.

the spot